This is a basic overview of the paper-making process. If you are looking for a more detailed, instructional guide have an oul search of the internet- there are lots and lots of videos and tutorials for all levels of student. Or if you have any specific queries ask me here or on

  1. Select Paper Office-type paper is easiest(bills, copybooks, printed copy paper, childrens drawings etc.) ; include small amounts of junk mail for specks of colour.

2014-10-01 14.13.432. Shred Paper in a domestic shredder or tear/cut into small pieces.

3. Soak paper for 2-3 days or until softened. Use just enough water to cover.soak

4. Pulp in a food processor, adding warm water until a smooth porridgey texture is achieved! (Or use your hands and get smushing).


5. Colour– I use ready-mixed paint (childrens goache/tempera in big bottles) and I add some to the soaking water and more during pulping. I add size during pulping also.

6. Equipment– deckle & mold; I use an all-in-one which I will give details of later. Or you can buy/make your own. Paper press & felts; Equipment set up

7. Draw a sheet– Fill a large tub with enough water to easily get your mold totally emmersed. Add 2 or 3 large spoons of pulp. Mix well, “scoop” your mold to the bottom of the tub, give it a little shimmy, then slowly start to lift it up. Stop when the bottom reaches the water surface, and allow the water to drain out. Never go back down!


8. Stack it– When the water has drained off your sheet, turn the mold upside-down. It sticks, see? Place mold down onto your stack of felts and press down with flat hands until paper is stuck to felt. Raise from one corner. Top with another felt to make a paper sandwich- delish. And again and again. . .

2012-10-24 23.13.07

9.   Squeeze your stack of paper sandwiches, screw on wing nuts and leave on it’s side to drain for a while.2012-10-24 23.10.31

10. Hang to dry (indoors is safer). Takes from a few hours to a day depending on thickness of paper and warmth of air! I iron when dry, before removing felts. Ta- done. Well, kind of- but what you gonna DO with the paper . . huh . . huh? ?

2012-10-24 23.10.182013-02-22 13.45.47

Demo stand bvBookbinding, hand made paper


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