Acrylic Workbook, review #5

Acrylic Workbook (complete course in 10 lessons) by Jenny Rodwell; a worked review by Bren I had to take out the word "weekly" from my title for this post - it's been so long since I last posted a review! Life got me. Anyway; chapter 5 deals with " Creating Form". The main excercise is … Continue reading Acrylic Workbook, review #5


Acrylic workbook, review #4

Acrylic Workbook (complete course in 10 lessons) by Jenny Rodwell: a worked review by Bren Hi again! Lesson 4 deals with using dilute acrylics, or washes. You can use the washes for a painting in its entirety - like watercolours - or within a painting to achieve different effects. The first excercise was painting a … Continue reading Acrylic workbook, review #4

Acrylic workbook, review #2

In "Lesson 2, Getting Started" Jenny Rodwell deals with selecting a subject; composition of that subject; initial sketching and excercises to loosen-up your technique. I will show you my progress with the "composition" excercise! Taking a selection of objects for a still life; she suggests creating fast, loose mini-sketches to determine which arrangement you will … Continue reading Acrylic workbook, review #2

Instructions for planting: If you've received one of my seed cards here's what to do! Remove the seedy shape and plant outdoors (once this pesky weather has passed!) . In a pot is fine, and it may be easier to see them coming up. As the shapes are packed with seeds you may want to tear them up to give them space to grow. Read on for extra details and pictures of my flower pots.