Working with pressed flowers

I often use pressed flowers & leaves for card decoration, they look well with the rougher texture of my paper and using natural decoration fits idealogically with recycling paper. And so pretty! I don't have any special equipment or expert knowledge, I just use a big old book and pick whatever is in season, from … Continue reading Working with pressed flowers

Eco Crafts!

{Eco-craft is the name of a company in the UK that sells recycled paper products. I love their products and use them regularly; but they are bogarting the perfect name for this post! If you want them:} Handkerchiefs ? Handkerchieves? Hankies! I received a wee book as a Christmas present, it's full of tips … Continue reading Eco Crafts!

Acrylic workbook, review #2

In "Lesson 2, Getting Started" Jenny Rodwell deals with selecting a subject; composition of that subject; initial sketching and excercises to loosen-up your technique. I will show you my progress with the "composition" excercise! Taking a selection of objects for a still life; she suggests creating fast, loose mini-sketches to determine which arrangement you will … Continue reading Acrylic workbook, review #2