Working with pressed flowers


I often use pressed flowers & leaves for card decoration, they look well with the rougher texture of my paper and using natural decoration fits idealogically with recycling paper. And so pretty!

I don’t have any special equipment or expert knowledge, I just use a big old book and pick whatever is in season, from the garden or the hedgerows.


I have gathered some tips from my years of experimenting:

1. Make notes!

Daisies and buttercups are consistently fantastic, but that blue flower near the door always loses it’s colour – yet every year I forget and waste precious page space drying it.

All washed out!

2. Don’t ignore the foliage.

It’s easy to focus your energy on the striking flowers and petals, but the stems, leaves and grasses can really help you create.


The leaves on the right were partially dried in the light, hence the vibrant green – chlorophyll fades in the dark? Or something!

3. Don’t sit on your stash!

Even flowers that keep their colour when dried, will lose vibrancy over time. I often hang on to flowers to use for something special, only to have them fade. Use it or lose it.


4. Try adding some drawing or text. . .

It works sometimes!


Best of luck!



2 thoughts on “Working with pressed flowers

  1. I love your creations.
    What type of glue do you use to attach your dried flowers and leaves? And how do you prevent the cards from being damaged by handling?

    1. Thank you! I use PVA glue (white glue) that has been slightly diluted to make it less tacky. I have been looking for a plastic free alternative, but I haven’t found one that works well yet.
      I used to coat them with a layer of the same to protect, but I don’t anymore!
      (Maybe a good idea if you wanted to display/frame one?)
      The flowers will inevitably fade with light and time, but they are robust enough for normal handling until they reach their final destination.
      I hope you are well & happy 🙂

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