Acrylic Workbook, review #5

Acrylic Workbook (complete course in 10 lessons) by Jenny Rodwell; a worked review by Bren

I had to take out the word “weekly” from my title for this post – it’s been so long since I last posted a review! Life got me. Anyway; chapter 5 deals with ” Creating Form”.

The main excercise is to paint a collection of geometric toys using three tones of the same colour; light, medium & dark, to create the illusion of 3-dimensional form. Jenny Rodwell paints a wooden train & blocks in primary colours. Unfortunately, I couldn’t find similar toys, despite all the crap in my house, so here is my motley crew and an early version of my attempt:img_20180717_124246735

At about this point, I realised how silly I had been to rush through the initial sketch in order to be getting on with the “real” business of painting sooner. I spent too much time and paint trying to compensate for this silliness today – hopefully I won’t allow myself to make that mistake again. It’s so important that lines are straight and angles make sense with such precise, geometric subject matter!

The lesson was fun and useful, however I believe more “why” information would have been a valuable addition to all the “how” stuff. Why does the 3 tone approach work? Why were we painting the background at the end? That was tricky!

Overall, though, I’m still very impressed with this book and I’m looking forward to next week’s : Lesson Six – Still Life.


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