Acrylic workbook, review #4

Acrylic Workbook (complete course in 10 lessons) by Jenny Rodwell: a worked review by Bren

Hi again! Lesson 4 deals with using dilute acrylics, or washes. You can use the washes for a painting in its entirety – like watercolours – or within a painting to achieve different effects.


The first excercise was painting a simple tree scene in washes. I like to work from life (or photo!) rather than copying Jenny’s picture exactly, but the deciduous trees are still bare, so I tried some evergreens!

Next up, a more detailed scene, with a house and its reflection in a lake. In the book she paints a lovely old farmhouse, but there were none of those on my walk to the bus, so I have a more modern version! Here is my initial sketch and my fake-selfie because I was too embarrassed to point and shoot directly at my neighbour’s house, ha ha!


I really enjoyed this lesson. It was like two lessons because I learned about painting with washes and about painting reflections in water. Win win!



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