Acrylic Workbook, review #3

Acrylic Workbook (complete course in 10 lessons) by Jenny Rodwell; a worked review by Bren

burren no. 1
Detail from “Burren Pier” by me

In lesson 3 she deals with creating texture in your painting.

The first approach is the addition of substances to the acrylic paint, such as specially-made mediums or things like sand and sawdust. I have already done a lot of adding texture with household stuff, like sand and textiles, it’s one of my favourite techniques, so I didn’t feel I needed to cover this bit. I don’t own any texture mediums, so I will revisit that part when I do!

The second approach is adding texture through your mark-making with brush, sponge, cloth, knife or other. I decided to work through her excercise that involved painting an entire landcape using only a palette knife.

[ In my haste, I started reading from “field of corn” rather than the double-page “knife marks”, which contained the sub-heading PRACTICE FIRST. I regret this. If you have a book-teacher, do what you’re told!] 

It’s flipping tricky using a palatte knife! It was like having new, wrongly-shaped fingers. Definitely worth practicing first.




I copied Jenny’s picture for this one, which I hadn’t intended doing while using this book (my theory being that I will learn more about painting landscapes from painting landscapes rather than copying paintings), but learning to use the palette knife was enough of a challenge this time 🙂


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