Acrylic workbook, review #2

In “Lesson 2, Getting Started” Jenny Rodwell deals with selecting a subject; composition of that subject; initial sketching and excercises to loosen-up your technique.

I will show you my progress with the “composition” excercise! Taking a selection of objects for a still life; she suggests creating fast, loose mini-sketches to determine which arrangement you will use. There is no need for detail as it is about how the objects relate to one another. It can also help identify which angle you will paint them from and what shape to make your painting.

mini sketches

To be honest, none of these compositions stood out to me as being “the best” – but there is a striking improvement in my technique from the first to the last! They probably took me about 15 minutes each (yes, including the crappy first one!)


Here is my finished pieces, and the composition I decided to use. I think I will finish it a bit more though, because I quite like it and want to hang it in the kitchen, so it needs a bit more polish! Next “Lesson 3, Creating Textures”


Want more pictures, less chat?! Check out my other blog: a selection of sketches and paintings in a variety of media.


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