Acrylic Workbook, weekly #1

Hi! I have recently purchased “Acrylic Workbook – A Complete Course in 10 Lessons” by Jenny Rodwell and I thought it would be interested to share my progress as I work through the lessons. I suppose it will be like an elaborate, dragged-out review!IMG_20180121_163556155.jpg

I won’t be including detailed instructions from the book, just an overview of the lessons and my own results. I am a fan of this book, so I certainly don’t intend to rip-off her hard work!

She starts with a chapter of advice on materials and equipment, followed by Lesson 1; Colour. The book is “assuming no knowledge of acrylics” so perfectly suitable for beginners. A basic palette of colours is recommended and there are charts detailing the results of mixing these colours together. I came up with this “colour-mixing wheel” with the primary colours that I use most often.


I Love it. I have used it about 700 times in the last few days. [NOTE: this wheel was my idea, inspired by what I read- it’s not in the book. Make your own, it’s very useful! eg. Cerulean blue in the bottom middle, mixed with 50% Cadmium yellow below it, mixed with 50% Lemon bellow that again. And so on around the wheel, anti-clockwise]

There are also some tips on how to use the paints on you palette which seem so obvious now, but hadn’t dawned on me during my many years of mucky, messy palettes. Most of the Lessons have more than one excercise, so you could find yourself painting 5 or 6 pieces per Lesson which is one of my favourite things about this book. Lots of painting, lots of direction = better at painting. That’s my hope anyway! Back soon with Lesson 2: Getting Started.

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