Flower collage cards

I often use collage in my cards, using scraps of waste paper and fabric for the collage parts. This time, I wanted to make 3 cards that work as a set. I took inspiration from a few pics I saw on Pinterest, but I can’t figure out how to share them properly, d’oh! Anyway, here is a link to one lovely tutorial:


I liked how they used circles of bold colour as a starting point, working over it with pen to give the flowers definition. In the end though, I didn’t use this technique much.

Waste paper pile

Assorted circles

I gathered some waste paper and cut out lots of circles and flowery shapes, so that I had plenty to choose from. I put all my green scraps aside to use for stems and foliage. The muted pastels below came together quickly to become the first card design!

Ready to glue

I added a small bit of detail with some bright gel pens then glued everything in place with PVA glue, before pressing under heavy accountancy books! I believe other heavy books work almost as well- but accountancy bores the paper into submission. . .               also the gluey parts do not stick to the shiny cover of the books, so I can just trim the excess when the paper has dried.

Laid out for glueing

Two more designs in progress. I didn’t feel the need to add much extra detail with pen as there was so much texture in the scraps that I picked. Served up with complementary, recycled envelopes: Ta-done!

collage flowers 3 pack

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