Wildflower seed paper

Instructions for planting: If you’ve received one of my seed cards here’s what to do! Remove the seedy shape and plant outdoors (once this pesky weather has passed!) .  In a pot is fine, and it may be easier to see them coming up. As the shapes are packed with seeds you may want to tear them up to give them space to grow. Read on for extra details and pictures of my flower pots.

It’s handmade paper which has been embedded with wild flower seeds. Customers have often asked me about it over the years, but I was a bit dismissive- if someone wants to plant flowers, they’ll go buy some seeds, right? Of course, I was missing the lovely sentimentality of growing something that you received in the post from a friend. 🙂

IMG_20150311_181845853And, as it turns out, it’s not that easy to find a nice selection of wildflower seeds! I was delighted with the selection available from The Organic Centre in Co. Leitrim. I combined their bee mix and their butterfly mix as these contain some of my favourite wildflowers. Calendula & cornflower are two of the best flowers for petal paper – doubley great for me! The full list of seeds included is at the bottom of the post but here’s a sselection:

Wildflower Seeds

I planted a shape in a pot in the lovely warmth of March, but unfortunately the little seedlings didn’t survive the ensuing storminess- except for one floppy calendula! So here is attempt #2.  (Mid May) The planter is about 26cm x 15cm (10″ x 6″)
Small planter Bits in small planter

I tore the shape up into quite small bits; hopefully I’ll get plenty of flowers this way as they wont be competing for space. Andy made this raised bed and we decided to try some wildflowers behind the strawberries- There’s me for scale! This was one of the cards that is fully embedded with seeds (rather than just a removable shape)

Raised bedMe & bits

I will post more pics as the flowers come up, here and here:https://www.facebook.com/brenworks

In the mean time, I got busy making cards- I even got to try my new(ish) oil pastel skills!

Pastel & seeds 1

3 in progress

Wildflower- poppies Wildflower- heart  May all your. . An early cornflower and a rusty

An early cornflower in the garden,

with rusty duck!

Early Cornflower

{bee mixture}Borage,Buckwheat, Calendula, Phacelia, Field Poppy, Cornflower, Hyssop, Crimson Clover.

{butterfly mixture} Viola Tricolour, Thyme, Perennial Red Clover, Chive, Oregano, Cornflower, Hyssop, Crimson Clover.

{coz I love them} Tagetes.

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