Artist for a Month: The plan

As much as doing this brenworks thing gives me the opportunity to be creative, I often find myself dismissing card designs that require a bit of research and figuring-out ; favouring those I can get stuck into immediately.

And as much as I’ve learned new skills through brenworks, I haven’t played around with them nearly enough. eg. I can screen print, but still have made that Dave Grohl t-shirt from out my brain. My workspace is littered with post-its and scraps and sketches and swatches- all designed to remind me of what to get down to, when I finally get down to it.

BOOM. Gonna do it. Wish me luck.

This is the list of ambitiousness-ness: (order will be changed, most likely)

1. Representation of Cave Art on handmade paper, bigger than a card! For Andy, in a frame.

2. Learn how to use Oil Pastels. Use Oil Pastels
3. Huge Mural!!! In a day! yikes.
4. Dandelion Painting on Photo Paper…hard to explain. . wait and see. . .
5. Make that T-shirt and one for each of the other 3 heads.
6. Develop Cartooning ability.
7. A large Collage of Kilkenny Cathedral, from handmade papers & scraps.
8. Envelope Art. Using the printed insides of business envelope as a drawing/shading material
9. Learn how to create Repeat Patterns. Like for wallpaper, textiles etc. Create some.
10. Cubist-style Piece representing modern instruments such as the electric guitar and the drumkit (rather that the guitar & violin).

I am using the term artist quite loosely- lots of these would be more accurately describe as design or craft but, hey, ‘t’ll be grand! (This may take longer than a month- although I have finished challenge 1 so pics tommorrow, yeahy)

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